The young Slovak is ready to race in Europe for the first time this season.

“We had a nice time in Australia, we went surfing but when I look back to the races it wasn’t 100% from my side. But I gained some experience again and I think it will help me for the future. The atmosphere was good and everyone enjoyed it. It was nice to start my season there, but with the time difference it was difficult to keep contact with family and friends from Europe. On the plus side, the weather makes it much better, because you get to train and race in warm conditions instead of freezing in Europe.

After Australia I went back home to Slovakia, I met my family and friends. The conditions for training were far from being ideal, as we had minus 7 degrees during the day. That’s why I decided to go to Croatia, where the weather was much better, 15 degrees and a lot of sun. It felt good to rack up miles, I am confident this will help in the upcoming races.

My goal for the season is to reach my best level, I know I’m not at the point yet of winning races but I just want to improve my condition, go full gas and help the team. This weekend I’m here in France for two nice races. On Saturday I want to help the Wolfpack in the beginning and control things. Sunday should normally suit me better, as the parcours is not that steep.”

Living in the moment

“I think I’m a puncheur, I can do well in the Classics. I just want to be the best version of myself. I look up to my experienced teammates, like Julian and Dries. I ask them a lot of tips, as I have so much to learn from them. I look at what they do and know this would help me in the future. I’m feeling that also with the staff the connection grows stronger. Last season I only raced for a couple of months, but now I’m getting to know everyone better.

People have asked me if I have an idol, but I can’t really say that I do. I look up to Milan Skriniar, he too comes from Slovakia and plays for Inter Milano. I know where he was when he was younger, he comes from far and it has been a long road, but the fact that he got there motivates me. That’s why I train hard and just try to do my best, while living in the moment.”


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele / Getty Images

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