Six weeks after his crash in Il Lombardia, the 20-year-old has taken the next step in his road to recovery.

On Friday, scans in the AZ hospital in Herentals showed that Remco Evenepoel’s recovery from his pelvic fracture is developing in the right direction. From now on, Remco doesn’t need his crutches anymore when walking around and he can slowly start building up training sessions on the rollers, in combination with a series of rehabilitation exercises with the physiotherapist. If that goes well, he can start looking forward to a first training ride in the open air.

“I’m doing well”, said Remco Evenepoel after his visit to the hospital. “I am almost completely pain-free and I am a lot more mobile. I can leave the crutches aside now and I’m happy to be able to start working in a more targeted manner. My recovery process has been going well in recent weeks. Initially I found it hard to go from everything to nothing in terms of movement. But after a necessary period of rest I became more and more mobile recently.”

“In the coming weeks, on weekdays I will spend several hours at the physiotherapist’s doing exercises for pelvic stability and flexibility, which I will combine with cycling training on the rollers. If everything goes well and the weather is fine, I can then go outside for a bike ride. You can say that the real recovery has now begun for me, working towards properly exercising again. The next goal is now to complete a proper training session on the rollers and then to ride outdoors. We’ll then see how that works out. I’m definitely not going out in the rain and taking unnecessary risks of slipping. As soon as the weather improves, I will definitely enjoy a nice training ride in the open air”, Evenepoel added.


Photo credit: ©Tim De Waele / Getty Images

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Remco Evenepoel Update

Remco Evenepoel Update