Eneco Tour was a debut not only for Alessandro Petacchi, but also a brand new bus for OPQS.

Team bus driver Dirk Clarysse talks about our new motor home for the team in the blog entry below:

The new team bus is a multiple-axle, and 13.20 meters long. It also has a really powerful 460 engine.

This bus is really nice and comfortable to drive. Even inside we have more space: We have nine seats for the riders and each seat is customized for each person. There is a drawer for all of their belongings, there is electricity, a small table — it's almost like being on a flight. Just below and behind the seat there is another drawer to store their personal helmet, shoes, and other small cycling equipment.

In the front we have dual seats for sports directors and other people. Then there is a place for the driver and a seat next to the driver. So it is organized to make life nice and easy for both riders and staff.

We also have a new system with special batteries, so we have eight hours of autonomy. We don't need a generator. We are completely independent because of these special batteries. The bus is really silent and it is also good for the environment. We also have two beds so when waiting for the TT riders can sleep or rest. Same applies for transfers and the use of beds. Then we have a kitchen, two large showers, and a new satellite system. We can see the television and project the image on a white screen, so the quality of the image is really good. This can also be for the sport directors to show the riders special presentations.

There are other small monitors everyhwere. With the new system, people who sit in the individual seats can watch their own images with good quality. It's really a technologically advanced team bus that makes our team even better ... if it's even possible to do so. I was waiting for this bus. I am happy now. After Eneco Tour I will do two races here in Belgium, and the bus will join the Vuelta in the second week until the end. Then I will drive straight to Italy for the World Championships. It will be nice for me to have the honor to drive this bus through Europe until the end of the season.