Zdenek Stybar is recovering from the flu that had a terrible impact on his performance in the World Championship race and forced him to bed the following day. "In the last few hours I've been feeling a little bit better," explained Stybar. "For me it was really hard to accept the fact that I couldn't be at 100% on the most important day for my season. Unfortunately, it can happen that you get sick and weeks of training go down the tubes in a matter of hours. However, as is in my nature, I'm trying to get over it as soon as possible, to leave this experience behind me. The team and I have agreed to continue racing until the end of the cyclo-cross season."

"We decided not to start on the road immediately," explained Sports Director Wilfried Peeters. "Zdenek will calmly finish his cyclo-cross season and then he'll take a break, after which he'll start his road racing activities as planned. A period of both physical and mental rest is necessary so he can show up refreshed for his first road races. Zdenek's road debut for the season still hasn't been decided. We'll be discussing his schedule in the next few weeks."