A message from our team's CEO.

On Thursday March 14th 2024, I was informed that the UCI Ethics Commission decided that 2 statements I made were in violation with the UCI ethical code. The commission refers to 2 statements I made: one in an article dd. July 3th, 2021 in ‘Het Nieuwsblad’, and one in a TV-interview dd. March 8th, 2023 in ‘De Afspraak’.

With this statement, I want to make clear that I accept the decision of the UCI Ethics Commission.

I acknowledge that the sentences referred to can be perceived in a doubtful way. It was never my intention to harm anyone, and therefore I apologize. I apologize explicitly to the UCI, the UCI Ethics Commission and to all persons concerned or who have perceived these statements in a harmful way.

The way our teams work, should also offer proof that it was never my intention to offend or harm anybody: today we employ 74 riders and 106 full time staff members, both men and women, in a diverse and inclusive work-environment with no distinction in terms of origin, gender or background. In this way, we will continue our journey.

Patrick Lefevere


Photo credit: ©Dario Belingheri / Getty Images