Partners of our men’s and women’s team join forces in show of unity.

In a remarkable display of solidarity and joint commitment, the sponsors and partners of Soudal Quick-Step and AG Insurance – Soudal have come together to produce a captivating video, highlighting their unwavering support for both teams. Capturing the essence of unity and collaboration, the video features a thrilling pitstop visit at the service course in Wevelgem, featuring Yves Lampaert and Remco Evenepoel of Soudal Quick-Step, and Justine Ghekiere and Julie Van de Velde of AG Insurance – Soudal.

The journey sees the collaboration of several members of the staff that support both teams, demonstrating the patronage of the backers, providing items such as bikes and components, cycling apparel, vehicles, logistics, tools and maintenance, casual and technical clothing, nutrition products and drinks, medical support, indoor training, analysis, all of which takes place on the famous floors of Quick-Step. The depicted unity, effort and support that characterises the team is succinctly summarised by the closing message of ‘United we stand, divided we fall. All for one and one for all’.

Tessa Foubert, idea initiator and Brand Manager of Safety Jogger Works, expressed the sponsors’ sentiment, stating: “We're immensely proud that Safety Jogger Works took the lead in initiating this concept and that we proposed it to our colleagues. As sponsors, we're not just on the sidelines; we're an integral part of the team's journey. Our collective of brands stands united, driven by a shared vision: to witness the team's triumphs and support them on the road to success. This video underscores that the ‘Wolfpack’ ethos extends beyond the riders of Soudal Quick-Step and AG Insurance – Soudal; it encompasses the entire team dynamic. We take immense pride in our partnership with the cycling team and eagerly anticipate supporting them in the year ahead.”


Photo credit: ©Wout Beel