On the occasion of World Water Day, a day celebrated annually on March 22 each year, our cycling teams, AG Insurance – Soudal and Soudal Quick-Step, together with our sponsors and partners, are dedicated to raising awareness and promoting sustainable water management.

This year, World Water Day focuses on participation and infiltration, themes that are increasingly relevant in a time when climate change is leading to weather extremes worldwide, which are issues that highlight in our #ItStartsWithUs environmental campaign. From heavier rainfalls and hotter summer days to longer periods of drought, the urgency to act has never been clearer.

Our Mission and Actions

As cycling teams, we understand the crucial role water plays, not just in our sport but also in daily life and the ecosystems around us. Therefore, we aim to consciously manage water use, both within our organizations and in the wider community. Our commitment is bolstered by partnerships with organisations such as Ekopak and Janom, who are leaders in promoting sustainable water management and the development of renewable energy sources.

Ekopak: Pioneers in Water Saving and Recycling

Ekopak is committed as the leading company for water saving and recycling, with the ultimate goal of achieving 100% water circularity within the industry. Through constant innovation and the design, construction, and management of innovative water management systems, Ekopak strives to address global water shortages. Their mobile, decentralized production units are deployable worldwide and recycle water from alternative sources such as rainwater, surface water, and wastewater. This initiative highlights the importance of sustainable water as a driving force behind a circular economy.

“Water is a precious resource and especially in the current climate, it is under great pressure. We need to focus on a circular economy if we want to build a sustainable future. As natural water supplies become depleted, businesses will certainly feel the negative economic consequences. We aim to assist these businesses by heavily investing in innovative water recycling technologies”, said Pieter Loose, CEO of Ekopak.

Janom: Investing in Sustainable Energy and Water Sources

Janom, focused on the development and investment in renewable energy sources, has built up tens of megawatts of renewable energy capacity since 2008. Their involvement in the development, construction, and operation of small hydropower plants underscores their commitment to sustainable development and the conservation of water sources. Hydropower plants play a key role in supporting sustainable development by generating renewable energy and contributing to the conservation of water sources. These plants demonstrate how innovative solutions and collaboration can have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our Dedication

On this World Water Day, and throughout the year, we, AG Insurance – Soudal and Soudal Quick-Step, together with Ekopak, Janom, and others, remain committed to promoting water awareness, sustainability, and protecting our precious water resources. By joining forces, we aim to make a difference in the fight against climate change and towards a more sustainable future.

Together, we make a difference.