The era of the digital revolution has not only transformed businesses but also our everyday lives, and professional sport is no exception.

Cycling, one of the most demanding and competitive disciplines, is no exception to this evolution. Ever looking to be at the forefront of technological advances in the sport, Soudal Quick-Step has been working with our partners at Transfer Solutions, who along with sector leaders Oracle, are working to push the boundaries of what is possible in cycling.

As a technology pioneer, Transfer Solutions understands the value of advanced solutions to enhance processes and optimize results. In collaboration with them, this alliance marks a new phase in the evolution of cycling for Soudal Quick-Step.

Cycling is not only about the rider's power on the pedals but also about smart strategies, precise analyses, and informed decision-making. By leveraging advanced data analysis tools offered by the partnership, our coaches and management team can now gain profound insights into the performance of our riders, with Transfer Solutions, with Oracle Analytics transforming the data available into actionable information.

A working example is the work that Transfer Solutions will do with our coaching team, which aims to optimize training and prevent injuries through precise analyses of the riders' physical performances. By utilizing data on heart rate, power, speed, and other relevant parameters, our and riders can collaborate to tailor training programs that not only improve performance but also minimize risk of injuries.

This data can also be used when our team competes in some of the world’s most famous races, where split second decisions can make the difference between success and defeat. Thanks to advanced data analysis, management and riders can develop strategies tailored to specific course characteristics, weather conditions, and competition, looking to give the team a competitive advantage that is invaluable during every race.

And the support offered by our partnership continues post-race, where Transfer Solutions are helping us develop a more holistic approach to sports performance by optimizing nutrition and recovery strategies. Data-driven insights help the team understand the unique nutritional needs of each rider, maximizing energy and reducing fatigue.

Soudal Quick-Step Head Coach Koen Pelgrim said of the partnership: “As a team we have so much data that is input each day, and it is really helpful to have a partner who has experience and expertise in turning the numbers in to something that is translatable to what we are trying to achieve every day. Gathering a lot of data is one thing but turning it into something useful is key to using to help make progress. We are thankful that our partnership with Transfer Solutions is able to help us across a number of fronts.”


Photo credit: ©Wout Beel