Stage 2 today, and the weather was a lot kinder for us. Another 150km stage today, but with finishing circuits this time. It was the usual wake up and breakfast, already feeling like a routine now with being here for such a long time before the race actually started. Then it was the police escort to the race. All the teams meeting in the big tent next to the hotel, where each team has it's own pit, and also with sponsors of the race setting up shops close by. From here it was roughly only a 30 minute drive to the start today, pretty much not having to stop for anything all getting directed in convoy.

When we get the start all the cars are lined up just behind the start line, more like a F1 starting grid than your more normal pre race car park.The Australians organizing things a bit different over here, maybe as it's their only one big race of the year.

I think everybody was happier with the racing conditions today, and the race started from when the flag dropped, with the early break of 2 riders going up the road. However it was given a bit too much time today, and when we hit the finishing circuit, where big crowds lined the last few km's, it still had 10 minutes. By now it was just Will Clarke on his own, who did a great ride and held out to take the win solo by just over a minute.

After the race the whole team, along with a few others took an easy spin back to the hotel. Joined by hundreds of spectators who had come out to watch on their bikes, and joined in for the ride back to Adelaide. It was really good to see.

Tomorrow is a flatter finish, so we will be looking to try and do something again for the sprint. With the feeling that the team is getting stronger together day by day.

-Andy Fenn