In 2012 all Omega Pharma – Quick-Step riders and management will be suited in Pablo Nero outfits at a number of formal team events. The cycling team and the suit brand from Antwerp reached an agreement for the next two years.

“Team image is very important at any time and everywhere. To show we are belonging to the same team we decided to wear the same clothing even when we are not racing”, says Patrick Lefevere. “Pablo Nero provides us with a stylish yet sportive outfit. The boys were already excellent riders; from now on they will also be good looking guys.”

Patrick Lefevere, as a designer

Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team manager Patrick Lefevere decided how the outfit should look. According to Pablo Nero, he is really talented. “Patrick missed his vocation as a fashion designer” designer Laurent Segers says. "Together with Pablo Nero he chose for the riders a sporting matching of beige chinos and stylish grey blazer with a pale blue shirt as well as a dark blue cardigan with some details referring to the team logo.”

All through 2012 the team management will wear a dark blue suit with thin vertical white stripes. Especially for Omega Pharma – Quick-Step Cycling Team Pablo Nero designed special tie pin and cuff-links in team colours.

The team will be wearing the outfit for the first time tomorrow during the team presentation for the media.