Once again this year we've wrapped up our experience at the Tour de San Luis. All things considered, this was a good transfer for team OPQS.

Mark broke the ice right away with a nice victory in the first stage. The next day we tried to duplicate, but an impressive Modolo stood in our way in a final that was suited to his skills. However, we got some good insight on some guys who in the future could become a part of Mark's train in the European races.

Kwiatkowski stood out in the time trial, even managing to wear the leader's jersey. I won't deny that we tried to defend it but on the long climbs, Michal still lacks that little something that the pure climbers have. Michal proved himself an optimum racer, one whom you can always count on. Age is also on his side, so he can only improve in the future.

The rest of the squad also worked very well and proved they were worthy of the situation. Our guys worked for Cav when necessary and for Michal when it came time to defend his leadership. Perhaps with a bit of luck we could have obtained a place among the top of the rankings and probably without the chaos that erupted in the final of the last stage, Mark could most likely have closed out his week in Argentina quite well. Anyway, we are satisfied and looking ahead to the next upcoming events with determination.

The race here was different compared to last year. It's much bigger and has more followers, and it was also well fought out, thanks to the participation of qualified riders. There were a few stages that were ridden at an impressively fast pace and a high technical level.

There were large crowds cheering us on along the roads; we could really feel their enthusiasm. The day of the presentation there were thousands of people there to greet the riders. The same thing happened on the major climbs.

This race is ideal for creating a good group — a nice atmosphere inside the team. On transfers as long as this one, the riders have time to spend together and get to know one another. Now our adventure is over. In a few hours we will leave Buenos Aires on our way to Paris. It's a 13 hour flight before we can get back home.

Goodbye everybody, and... #Stayhard!