Today I am so happy and proud about Tony. I know the effort he put in to be competitive in this race. He really was a fighter in the last weeks. He had a lot of bad luck in the last weeks. He really deserved this medal.

After the crash at the Tour he lost a lot of race fitness, So for him it's really the best result he could reach today. He didn't make any mistake during the TT. Everything was perfect, so we have no regrets.

OK, for sure everybody wants to win. But on the podium, I saw his face. He was happy, relaxed, and think he understood what kind of a performance it was for him. I am sure tonight when he goes to bed, he will think of all the past weeks of this season, this race, but overall, he will start thinking about this podium. I am sure he will be happy and proud of himself, just as we are.

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