I think this day is difficult for the Danish to understand, because the French celebrated that they killed the nobility, the monarchy. They celebrated they don't have it instead of us celebrating that we have it. 

A king and a queen — we're actually quite proud of it. The French is actually the opposite.They have a Republic. Keep in mind I know about the French culture. I rode for the Velo Club Roubaix cycling team, 82'-83' so I know about the Bastille Day.

It's a big, big spectacle here on the road of the Tour. If you didn't know it, you would think the basic celebration would be to park your car on the highway, to create the biggest traffic jam possible. But we have to be honest... The Bastille Day is an important moment in the history of Europe and democracy, we can't play with it. It's the symbol of the uprising of the modern nations. Today our frenchman Jerome Pineau went into the breakaway to try to take the big price with another bunch of French riders. it's funny...At the end of the day a German guy won the race. No doubts and no discount...Le tour c'est le Tour even le 14 julliet.