Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl’s CEO shared his thoughts about 2021 and the hopes he has for the team’s 20th season.

Every New Year brings a new beginning and 2022 is no different for Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl.

That is true as much for our team but does not mean that I do not look back at our season with immense pride, because of course I know that my team is special. 65 wins is phenomenal achievement, but it is not only the numbers of wins that pleases me, but the quality of those victories and the consistency over a long period of time, especially while taking on the continuing challenges of Covid-19.

But things move on, and I would like to welcome all the new riders, staff, sponsors and partners that will join from 2022, as well as taking the opportunity to thank those that will no longer be with us. My time in the business of cycling and in sport has seen me be grateful for the support we receive, and I thank those that have supported us until now and wish them well for the future.

We have tried to build a balanced team the coming season and I am looking forward to seeing them race in the manner to which we have been accustomed. This will be a landmark year, marking 20 years since the team was formed, an achievement of which I am very proud. There are so many people who have been involved along this incredible journey – far too many to name individually, but I hope that they all share in the pride and sense of achievement that I do, while still looking forward to new goals and forging a successful future.

On behalf of everyone at Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best to you and your families!


Photo credit: ©Sigfrid Eggers