Deceuninck – Quick-Step helps developing new 6D product.

6D Sports Nutrition launched an innovative sports drink called the 6D Isobuffer Sports Drink, in cooperation with Deceuninck – Quick-Step. As an official partner of the team, the riders and staff helped to develop this product by testing it, thus reflecting the motto of 6D: “Inspired by athletes, driven by science”.

6D Sports Nutrition developed the 6D Isobuffer Sports Drink, the first isotonic sports drink to give a better endurance and a faster sprint, whose effectiveness has been proven by several scientific studies. Being 100% isotonic, the sports drink gives a fast absorption of fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes. Also, its high sodium content will allow a fluid absorption and retention in the body, especially while racing in hot and humid conditions. Thirdly, it doesn’t cause any problems for the stomach and it increases bicarbonate concentrations gradually over time. This allows the body to go full gas longer. Last but not least, the 6D Isobuffer Sports Drink doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners.

Pieter Cocquyt, COO of 6D Sports Nutrition, was happy to work together with Deceuninck – Quick-Step during this process: “We are the first to launch this innovative product. Natrium bicarbonate was already available in big capsules, which wasn’t easy to use during exercise and that’s why bicarbonate is mainly used before time trials. So we wanted to think of a new, better way to be able to use bicarbonate during races. In this process we had three prototypes, in which the medical staff of the team was closely involved.”

The first prototype was already tested in the races in South of America, last year. After that, 6D made a second prototype in which the dosis was higher, a bottle of 500ml per hour would be sufficient for optimal results as they got feedback that the riders didn’t have any stomach problems.

“We made a sports drink which riders can use during the race. For riders who can’t take the needed dosis during the race, we also have capsules which can be taken before the race when rides need a larger overall dose. It’s really valuable for us to have the riders and staff involved in this process of flavouring, packaging and experiencing it. The product is really effective for the last effort, for example during the last steep hill or the final sprint. Theoretical the rider can get a better result”, Cocquyt explains.

Involving the riders in the production process is a good thing, as underlined by Ronde van Vlaanderen champion Kasper Asgreen: “It’s always nice to be able to give feedback and help build up the product in the best way possible. Also for the energy bars, for example, we are asked for our opinion. Sometimes you don’t like a certain flavour, but then you still have other options to choose from. 6D Sports Nutrition really delivers a big range of top products, making things easier for us.”


Photo credit: ©Wout Beel

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