Up until now the Giro d'Italia has been a really hard race, but we have already won a stage with our leader, Rigoberto Uran, and we have so far defended the Maglia Rosa well. We performed as we expected up until now. Our plan was to stay consistent and go day-by-day, and then try to get a good result in the time trial. That's what we did. Rigoberto is clearly a real leader and the team believes in him. The staff, riders everyone believes in his possibility to try and do well and win the Giro. For us as a team, it is also our first experience with the pink jersey. This team has a lot of experience. We've been a team since 2003. But it's the first time we have truly been in the hunt for the pink jersey.

But now we don't have an easy week in front of us. It will be the same for everyone in the peloton. It will be a difficult race day-by-day. Only on Wednesday is the race on paper quite easy. We will still have to be focused so we do not make any mistakes. There are climbs everywhere in the last week. You can lose the race anywhere along the parcours. We are in a good position however, so we can play a bit with the situations. So far, this Giro was spectacular and was a fierce competition between good, fair guys. They respect each other and we will see at the end which rider will be the best.

To be honest, it's also a big emotion that we are here at the Giro and are in this situation. We are present every day and we discover something new. We are learning from each other. We learn from Rigo, and also the great group of guys who surround him. In cycling you never stop learning. There is always something new, where you can do better. That is the spirit of this team. We always try to do things 100 percent, maybe even 105 and 110 percent. We will not have regrets at the end of the race if we keep going like that. They are fighting every day and proving they are a united group. If Rigo has the jersey, it's also up to the guys on the road who are there for him. Being there in the GC and doing well like this involves great teamwork. In a race like this, you win or lose together. It's what you learn when you have to fight every day like at the Giro.

So again, we have a few hard days ahead, but the team has a good spirit to do well. Riders are healthy after two weeks of battle. We are ready for the last week and we will do our best to keep this jersey and bring it into Trieste.

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