This year the Giro d'Italia started in Ireland. Because of the weather was not an easy start for everyone. But despite the fact that it was a challenge, it went well and we placed 2nd behind Orica-GreenEDGE who was at the start probably with their best team for this kind of discipline.

Also, even despite the heavy rain we did also very well. We didn't even lose time except small gaps in the sprint. Rigo went ok and then we came to Italy. The bad weather seemed to follow us there.

We had the stage in Bari on the circuits of eight kilometers. With 200 men who were fresh, it was not easy. Then every stage there was something. Such as the crash in the roundabout just before the climb of Montecassino. But I think at the end of the first week, to be 2nd, with a considerable distance behind us but still plenty ahead of us, there is still room to overcome the time we lost due to that crash.

I think we can be very happy with how the team is functioning right now as well. We came together quickly. For most of them this is the first time they've had to go for a GC. With the way they worked together for one rider, it shows a great team spirit.

So, there is plenty we can do to improve our situation. But if you see it as a team, how they've grown and unified, it's really impressive. Wout Poels is really in good condition and is a big help for Uran. Gianluca Brambilla is at the same level he was a couple years ago in the mountains. Then we have the others who have done a great job with their individual roles. I think we can be confident for the next two weeks, even if it will be very difficult.

As for Uran, he's a man of details. He's very concentrated. Very focused. He is really focused on what he has to do. He is relaxed. He knows in three weeks anything can happen. It's an experience for us to see a rider who is as much about his details as his sport directors.


I think as a team we will learn a lot from the Giro in three weeks. To stay in the hunt for the GC you have to always pay attention. The GC is already difficult. There is not one day you can let down the tension of the focus. But I must say, up until now, it's been a great experience.

As for what's next, I think the time trial will be very decisive. Even with so many mountains. You see in the mountains, if no GC guy really goes into crisis, the gaps are not that big. They can all stick together. There can be one that goes ahead and of course, if they are in a breakaway that stays away, you can lose everything. That's normal. But I think the time trial will really be where the GC plays out. Because if you are 40 seconds in the lead, you can still lose 30 seconds on the climb of the parcours. Which, for those guys, you see how close they are together. It's still something they can gain or lose with one time trial.

I think if you saw how Uran started this year, he didn't have the easiest approach. But he's getting better and better. He must be feeling good. I think after a rest day and flat stage, I think he can get even better than what we've seen so far. We'll see!


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