Next week, we will be back in the Middle East, a region where our team has scored a staggering 65 wins since 2003, including a memorable victory at the World Team Time Trial Championships held in Qatar, back in 2016. Oman and the United Arab Emirates is where Soudal Quick-Step will be in action this month, with the former hosting also a brand-new event, in addition to its national tour, the one-day Muscat Classic.


Date Race Distance Stages
10/02 Muscat Classic 173.7 km View details
11/02 Stage 1) Al Rustaq Fort - Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre 147.4 km View details
12/02 Stage 2) Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex - Qurayyat 174 km View details
13/02 Stage 3) Al Khobar - Jabal Haat 151.8 km View details
14/02 Stage 4) Izki - Yitti Hills 204.9 km View details
15/02 Stage 5) Samail - Jabal Al Akhdhar 152.2 km View details